Essential Oils and Frequency

My beauties.

Did you know that on top of keeping us healthy, supporting our immune systems, balancing moods/hormones/emotions, being what I reach for first when the kids get hurt, making our home smell AMAZING without chemicals (even though it’s super old and in need of a major renovation?), oils also literally give us more energy?

The liquid oils can be measured in megahertz, meaning they’re actually “alive”. ? 

A healthy human body usually has a frequency of 62-78 MHz and disease starts if that drops to 58 MHz. Essential oils actually have the highest frequency of any natural substance on earth.

Canned food – 0 MHz
Fresh Produce – 15 MHz
Dry Herbs – 2-27 MHz
Essential oils – 52-580+ MHz

Adding them to your daily routine and using them throughout the day literally raises your frequency in measurable way!

My basic routine:

– put them on my wrists and breathe in deeply when I wake up, especially if I didn’t get enough rest.
– put them on the kids heads and chests every morning.
– when I’m getting ready for the day I use Young Living toothpaste, shampoo, soap, lotion, face cream, and makeup that all contain essential oils.
– Apply more as perfume when I get dressed.
– Keep a blend in my pocket to use when I’m feeling sluggish/moody/sad
– Add a drop to my car vent diffuser
– Put a drop on the boys car seat straps and Rocco’s binky leash.
– Reapply to the kids throughout the day as needed.
– Add NingXia Red Superfruit juice that contains oils to their smoothies and take a 2oz shot of it myself.
– Use before working/thinking/meetings/working out/driving/etc.

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