Super Elderberry Syrup

My first time making elderberry syrup and dang… it’s good. Even Rob liked it! 😉

No lie, I def had my doubts when I was simmering the dried berries BUT raw local honey + essential oils did the trick!

I love it right off the spoon but am stoked to make tummies for the kiddos as well!

I am really amazed at these little berries — crazy amounts of vitamins and antioxidants that supercharge your immune system!! Apparently it’s been used for hundreds of years to fight cold and flu. I can’t remember the last time any of us were sick but I think it’s because we do so much to support our bodies year round. 

I added some extra essential oils that also support the immune system too, for good measure, but mostly for taste. 

Here’s my recipe:

What you need:

4 cups filtered pure water

1 cup dried elderberries (I got mine here)

1 cup raw local honey

What to do:

-Boil water

-Add berrries

-Reduce heat and simmer for 45 mins

– smash berries a little then strain

– when liquid is cooler, add honey 

Optional: add Young Living Vitality oils which are approved and intended for internal use.

I used:

– 3 drops Frankincense vitality*

– 4 drops orange  vitality

– 1 drop clove vitality

– 2 drops cinnamon bark vitality

– 2 drops thieves vitality*

– 2 drops lemon vitality*

*available in the Young Living Starter Kit – read more about it here!

Mix, pour into glass jar, store in fridge!

Serving size is roughly 1 tablespoon a day for prevention, more often if you need more immune system support ! 

I’m using these molds for the gummies!


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