Why We Believe in Back to Eden Gardening

If you haven’t noticed already, us Rinatos kinda like to do things against the grain of what is “supposed to be.” (Quitting our jobs and becoming entrepreneurs, choosing plants over man-made chemicals at every opportunity, and transplanting our family to follow our bliss, are a few examples…stay tuned for an introduction post one of these days.)

And now here we are with an entrepreneurial business that has put us in the top 1% of income earners in the country, and yet we chose to move to the middle of nowhere to grow our own food, raise animals, and become as self-sustainable as possible. ?

So, when we watched the Back to Eden documentary in 2016 it just made sense to our already anti-conformity ways. I don’t know about you, but to us, NOT stripping away the layers of covering by tilling (which erodes the precious topsoil) to industrialize the growing of plants and instead mimicking mother nature to grow our produce just seems more logical. ????‍♀️

It’s a slightly controversial style of gardening that removes *almost* all human interaction after planting and allows Mother Nature to do her work. The idea is to plant in untilled soil, cover with wood chips, and… well… that’s it. The wood chips are incredible – they retain moisture for the plant which makes for extremely high water content veggies/fruits and they also suck up excess moisture to prevent rotting.

As they breakdown they turn to the perfect organic compost which feeds the plants and adds to the topsoil. (Google “topsoil erosion statistics” to see why this is a big deal for ALL of us.) The produce ends up being extremely nutrient and mineral rich, making for much healthier food.

Back to Eden style gardeners all over the world have seen greater yields, healthier plants, and more bounty for less effort. They are helping the earth by adding to the top soil, preventing a need for chemical sprays and fertilizers, and helping the bees by providing safe, chemical free trees, flowers, and plants.

We are in year two of our BtE garden and it’s just incredible how the chips breakdown into the richest, blackest, most perfect fertile soil. Our plants and our trees LOVE it!

If you want to learn more, watch the Back to Eden documentary here and follow us on our journey over here: @rinatofamilyadventures. I’ll be posting updates on our 40 tree orchard and our growing veggie garden! ??‍??‍?☀️???

 2018 was our first year setting up the garden and planting 2018:

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